Using the Enneagram Within Ministry (Beth McCord)

In this episode, we talk with Beth McCord, an Enneagram speaker, coach and teacher for over 17 years.

We’ll be covering what the Enneagram actually is, how the Enneagram can help your church staff thrive and how to use the Enneagram to improve your personal relationships.

Beth is also the founder of yourenneagramcoach.com, where you can contact her, and check out her Enneagram resources. 

Make sure to order her book Becoming Us for more information on using the Enneagram to grow your marriage.

How to Improve Your Church’s Social Media Presence (Mary Taylor)

In this episode, we speak with Mary Taylor, co-leader of Elevation Church’s Social Media team in Charlotte, NC.

Originally from Chicago, Mary has been on staff at Elevation for 5 years and has experience with project management, social strategy, and writing for brands.

We discuss the most important social platforms for churches to use, how to improve your church’s social media presence and how to plan content in advance.

In addition being passionate about using social media for good, Mary is a pop culture lover, a vegetarian, a podcaster (@themoviebin), and a licensed esthetician. You can find her on Instagram @marytay22!

Supporting Female Entrepreneurs (Christy Wright)

In this episode, we speak with Christy Wright, Author and Ramsey Personality.

We discuss how to identify your God-given gifts and passions, how churches can support and encourage female entrepreneurs, and the first step you should take when starting a business.

You can learn more about Christy at businessboutique.com. Be sure to check out her podcast and pick up her book, Business Boutique, while you’re there as well!

Setting Goals for the New Year (Chris Brown)

In this episode, we talk with Chris Brown, a 20 year Pastor, Speaker and Ministry Coach who has worked alongside Dave Ramsey for years. Chris is also the former Nationally Syndicated Radio Host of “Life Money Hope” and has previously pastored at churches such as Elevation and Potential Church.

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